Liesel Crafford

Konsep Studio is an interior design studio based in Cape Town. It was started by Liesel Crafford as a space for creating stories.

“I love to create designs that evoke an emotional response – that connect and make people happy. To achieve this, you need a compelling concept (or story) informing the design.” Liesel

The one eye sees, the other feels

Paul Klee

Konsep Studio is passionate about placing people central to design. How spaces look is just as important as how they feel, smell and sound as well as how inspirational it is to be in them. Projects include residential, hospitality and work environments.

Liesel’s story

Liesel grew up on an apple farm in the seventies. After qualifying as a chartered accountant, she moved to Amsterdam and then London, working in finance and travelling extensively. On her return to South Africa, she relented to the constant tug of the design world and completed a HD in Interior Design before setting up Konsep Studio.

“I came back intrigued by my experiences. The heady mix of contrasts and places made me question everything. Why did it feel so good to be in an Italian farmhouse, and far less so in the office building of a big bank? What did the smooth stone cathedral steps have, that made them ideal for sitting on, that my scratchy office chair didn’t? I just knew I wanted to be part of the creative collective shaping our physical worlds and emotional experiences.”